Our Services

These are the core solutions that we offer to our prestige clentelle:

• Armed and Unarmed Guarding

Deterant Guarding, that ensures optimal security to both personage and property, our staff is equiped to keep assimilate into various environments.

• Armed Escorts

Our Personalised high risk attendance is given to both the Client and Environment minmizing the probability for incidents.

• CCTV Survailance

We will provide a comprehensive service for your peace of mind wherever you may be. Home OR Business - BE SURE, BE SAFE, BE ALERT all the time

About us

Situated in Orchards - Pretoria, Ligit Security Solutions CC is a close corporation, and its managing member is Glen Matome Segwapa. Our motto is "COMPLIANCE DRIVEN", and we aim to provide security services to a variety of clients.

The business concept outlined in this document is the provision of security services throughout the country.

We render most services as outlined in the definition of a security service in section 1 of the Private Security Industry Regulation Act 56 of 2001. Ligit Security Solutions CC was registered on 08/03/2011.

Secure Experiances


Safety Design




Seamless Presence


Our Portfolio

Our advancing policy technologically evolves the means by which we serve our clients


Speed, Mobility

Heavy Guard

Bullet Proofing


Business Meet and Greet

Administrative Security

Business Enviroment Staff

Responsive Gear

Dispersion & Crowd Control

Heavy Attelery

Systematic Militant Protocol

Rapid Defence

Rough Terrain Surveillance 

Remote Surveillance

National and International cctv coverage


Happy Clients


Modern Saveilance


Professional Incidence Handling


Fast Support

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